Cortni Bird is Breaking News!!!

With the release of her single internationally, and new releases in the United States Country Music Singer and Songwriter Cortni Bird is making headlines fast! Here are just a few of the latest National News headlines about this rising star! … Read More »

Cortni Bird – Press Release

Cortni Bird has some exciting news coming soon! Press releases will be issued in mid February!   Stay tuned for news you won’t want to miss… A new single release… An EP release… And more! This rising star on the Emerald … Read More »

New Album

Cortni Potapowicz (Singer/Songwriter/BGV’s), (First Album) Rudy Hall(Producer/Co-Writer/Lead Guitarist), James Ford(Co-Wri…ter/Rhythm Guitar/Drums-“High on a Sunday”), James Kelley(Keys/Strings), Josiah Hooper (Drums), Lindsay Winters (Bass), Ben Cornutt (BGV’s-“A Toast”)