About Cortni – Artist Bio

Cortni Bird - Country Music Singer

Music has always been a part of me! My dad was a musician and had a band when he was young. I remember spending weekends jamming out and singing together. At 8 years old my daddy planted the seed that would grow into my dream. We were jamming to No Doubt, when he turned down the radio. I was so enveloped by the moment I didn’t even notice… I just kept singing. It wasn’t until he spoke that I realized what was happening… “Baby, you are singing!” From there it was history. Music owned my soul.

Growing up with a studio in the basement was the greatest gift life could give me: music at my disposal! No matter what life threw my way song would carry me through with joy and happiness. Our house was always the place to go after the high school football or basketball games. My dad and I would entertain with duets and before long everyone was joining in with karaoke. Friends and family describe me as “very independent, outrageous, unpredictable, untamable and definitely unchangeable.. .Always the party! OH THE STORIES WE COULD TELL,” they say with laughter!

Playing music and singing other’s songs just wasn’t enough! I began writing poetry and it did not take long for me to discover that my poems could be beautiful songs. My poetry quickly became my first original songs. When I was 17 I decided to become an entrepreneur and started booking bands. No one doubted I could, and so I did. At 19, I wrote and co-produced my first album and the very next year I toured the East Coast and began to build an amazing fan base that means the world to me!

Life has led me along amazing paths and incredible adventures. Today I live on the gorgeous Emerald Coast in Navarre, FL. Impassioned by the music culture here, beauty and incredible people, I am ready to rock the beaches, bays and country side. I have an incredible passion and love for music that can only be satisfied by taking the stage! It is my time, and I am ready to share my love and passion with the world. Cortni Bird is back by popular demand!

After moving to Florida and becoming a professional life continued to drive my passion in amazing ways! In another amazing turn, I had a simple visit to a client that sun into a crazy whirlwind of excitement. Suddenly I found myself on a stage at CMA, meeting a Producer, Co-owning/ Co-promoting an incredible concert event, and here I am. Ready (suitcase in hand) to take on the world!

I have recently completed my album in Nashville with some amazing musicians, including Rod Stewart’s guitarist! In the fall of 2016 I did a two week radio, TV and live performance tour of the United Kingdom.  The highlight of the tour was performing at the British Country Music Awards Show.  I had a blast and met so many wonderful people!